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        It's more than baseball, it's lessons for life
Inspirations Who 2 Thank
My Dad - He's the one who got me started in the game and drove me to be better than he was.  For all of us, the lesson's are never as apparent today as they will be in the future.  As I look back, there is so much to be thankful for, while at the time we never seem to understand, enlightenment always comes as we travel the journey of life and only after we endure and succeed over difficulties can we fully appreciate what truly prepared us for this journey - our parents "tough love".  To all other parents - trust me, your kids get it, they will one day understand and hopefully convey those thoughts.  To the kids - you don't know why today, but one day you will.  When this understanding comes, find the strength to tell your parents " I get it ! " " Thanks" and most importantly - " I love YOU".

My KIDS - Alyssa, Lauren & Mitch - my life would not be the same without you.  You are my reason for being and I love you with all my heart.  I know there were times this game took me away from you, but none of us are perfect.  You need to find what you are truly passionate about and follow that with all your heart.  I will always be your biggest supporter.

Bob Bernatz - President of Insight Global - one hour on a plane was an incredibly eye opening experience.  Not only reflections on baseball and life, but also on how to really make this dream happen.  Best of luck to your son Connor as he follows his dream.  This man is amazing, you can find more about what he does at www.insightglobal.com and his One Minute Wisdoms !

Baseball Resource Family - for all the fun loving banter back and forth, the Southern California Baseball Community would not be the place it is without Matt and all his work.  Thanks as well to the readers out there who thought there might be something worth while inside my head - for many only you know who you are - but FREEPETE, SGVBaseball, hsbbguy , GHSFan , baseballfather, naclark, dirtberry and many others.  Sometimes all we need in life is a reason to do something.  You gave me that, hopefully I can do the same to others.

The Players I Coach - you listen, you challenge, you inspire, you amaze - may all your dreams come true - but never stop dreaming !  There is more to life when the game is over as a player, in many ways, it really is only just beginning.

The Coaches - I am watching all of you!  I'll read anything published but the following have had a profound impact:
John Wooden - how can you not absorb anything he has to say.
Ed Cheff (Lewis & Clark St) - have heard him speak on several occassions, I only wish I knew about him when I was a player, would have LOVED to have played for him, no disprespect to the Div I program I played for, but this guy is amazing - players look everywhere for opportunities.
Pete Carroll - some day maybe I'll get to meet and just talk to, but you can not argue with success and approach.  I read/watch every interview. 
Phil Jackson - see even a baseball guy can learn from another sport.  Gotta love the Zen Master. 
H.A. Dorfman (Mental Game of Baseball) - not a coach perse, but his works are phenomenal, IMO, once you get beyond HS, everyone has physical skills, the seperator is the muscle between your ears and how you use it.
Any Opposing coach - regardless of the venue, event or day, there is always something you can learn.
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